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“A lot of people have been confused as to whether we’re considered an essential service – we are 100 per cent open for business.  As domestic violence victims often use work, friendships and spaces outside the home as escapes from their situations, the increase of violent incidents amid significant nationwide closures is inevitable. We really want people to know that these services are open – we’re here if you need it. ” – Annabelle Daniel, CEO Women’s Community Shelters.

Domestic and family violence occurs when on person in a relationship uses their power to control the other person in any way. To help you recognise the signs and perhaps assist a family member, friend, co-worker or community member, we have prepared this printable sheet.



We weathered the natural disasters of fire, floods and drought but now we are faced with the impact that COVID19 will have on families across Australia. Our network of shelters work around the clock to deliver services not only to the women and children in our shelters, transitional properties and meanwhile use homes but also to the many that are making contact, reaching out, and looking for guidance and support.

With major fundraising events for each shelter now cancelled, we the HUB are calling for your support.

By donating today you are ensuring that our staff can continue to support and deliver the programs within each of our shelters.


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Christmas season a time of increased domestic violence

Christmas is billed as a time of connection and joy but that’s not always the case. The festive season also coincides with a marked increase in incidents of domestic violence, making it the busiest time for women’s shelters around the country.

Annabelle Danielle from Women’s Community Shelters says “women express a huge amount of relief when they come to our shelters”. We put in a lot of effort to ensure that our shelters feel like home,” she said. Women’s Community Shelters has launched a campaign to help women and children who are forced to flee their homes this Christmas.

Sky News Broadcast 25/12/2019

Women’s Community Shelters Christmas Appeal

Everywhere, there are reasons for hope.  Everywhere, there are signs that our Australian community has a growing awareness about domestic violence and women’s homelessness and everywhere, there are wonderful people who choose to walk beside Women’s Community Shelters and our Network of Shelters each and every day.  Without our community and without YOU, we would not be able to continue with our mission.

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