• Women’s Community Shelters 2017 Festive Campaign


    If you’re looking to make a difference for a woman experiencing homelessness or domestic violence this festive season, the best thing you can give is someone to walk alongside her. Our professional case-workers support women every day to rebuild lives, dignity and self-esteem!

    Can you imagine being homeless while everyone else is celebrating? Being forced to leave your home with just the clothes on your back in order to escape domestic or family violence?

    Sadly, that’s the case for over 50,000 women every night across Australia, who find themselves homeless and in need of a bed. Many of them have their children with them.

    Watch the video and we’ll show you (In just 2 minutes!) how your contribution can change the life of a woman in need.

    Give now


  • This year, we are asking you to support our campaign to provide each woman the practical help she needs during her shelter stay, and as she builds a new life.

    Donating to WCS today can help a woman at risk receive immediate assistance from a qualified case worker who provides one on one care during her shelter stay. We help each woman and her family identify their key goals, such as finding affordable housing and employment. We help women enter study. We help them move house to a safe new home. We’re a safety net during tough times when they need help to navigate new circumstances, or just when they need someone to talk to.

    Your gift will help a woman to recover from the trauma of domestic violence or homelessness and start anew.

    The next woman who needs help could so easily someone you know and care about. … please help us keep as many women and children as safe as possible this Christmas.


    provides phone and data credit allowing a woman to make important phone calls, applications and communicate online.


    would provide a hot meal and a safe, comfortable place to stay overnight.


    would provide immediate crisis assistance to a woman in her first 24 hours in the shelter.

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