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Our Mission

Women who experience DFV are more likely to experience extended periods of unemployment or disrupted education/employment. As a result of time spent out of the workforce women may face barriers to finding a job such as limited or outdated qualifications, lack of experience, limited job search skills and damaged self-esteem. DFV also has negative impacts on mental and physical health, challenging successful employment.

The WCS Education and Employment Pathways Program partners with education and training organisations and employers to provide opportunities for clients to build their skills, gain confidence, overcome barriers to employment and education and access supported pathways into employment.


  • Western Sydney University
  • Service NSW
  • Kick Start Café
  • Too Good

How to get involved

  • Organisations – partner with is to offer paid employment, work placement and internship opportunities.
  • Donate to support the education and training of clients – scholarship program (need to develop and fundraise for this).
  • Individuals can offer their skills and experience to support women with their education and employment goals – mentoring etc.

Women Returning to Work

Case Study

WCS, Western Sydney University (WSU) and The College partnered to deliver the six-week pilot program for women preparing to re-enter the workforce following an extended break, or women entering the workforce for the first time. The program combined units of the Certificate III in Business Administration with work experience at WSU to develop critical workplace skills, increase employability and rebuild self-esteem. Women also worked with their trainer to update CVs, write cover letters, and apply for jobs.

Three women participated in the pilot program and have since been successful in securing part-time or full-time work. A survey completed by participants found that that the program had improved their overall self-esteem, confidence in their skills and abilities and belief in their ability to find and secure employment.

Community Internship

Case Study

WCS partnered with Service NSW to establish the Community Internship Program, offing an alternative pathway into employment for women impacted by DFV and/or homelessness. The Internship Program offers entry level positions within Service NSW for a period of six months, with the aim of transitioning participants to permanent employment, based on performance and the availability of suitable positions.

One WCS client commenced employment with Service NSW via the Internship Program in late 2019. WCS and Service NSW hope to make more positions available to WCS clients in 2021.

This year, WCS hopes to build on the successes of existing partnerships and work with other organisations that share an interest in providing education and employment opportunities for the empowerment of women who have experienced DFV and/or homelessness.

Women's Community Shelters