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In the Canberra Times, WCS CEO, Annabelle Daniel OAM gives her take on The Minns Labor government first budget handed down on Tuesday: Read the article here: https://www.canberratimes.com.au/story/8356388/public-sector-reforms-may-spell-budget-blues-for-nsw/

A heartfelt thank you to the incredible volunteers from Macquarie Group and Macquarie Group Foundation! Their time and energy in assembling essential furniture at the Haven Residences is truly making a difference. With their help, an additional 300 women and children will be supported with safe and secure accommodations each year 🧡 Thank you for your dedication to our cause, we couldn't do it without you! If you're looking to make a positive impact too, find out more about our corporate volunteer program: https://www.womenscommunityshelters.org.au/get-involved/corporate-partnerships/

Well done Kingswood High School Official Walk The Talkers! We are so proud of your ongoing commitment to walk alongside The Haven - Nepean Women's Shelter . 👏

This article comes recommended by our CEO, Annabelle Daniel OAM. “This is an excellent piece with fantastic commentary by Angela Lynch AM GAICD. At the end of what is often years of abuse, along with protracted legal processes, it’s too easy for women who’ve been victims to experience a significantly increased risk of poverty and homelessness as a result. We need to properly recognise the impacts of family violence in property settlements. We also know that being able to stay in your home in the short term is one thing, but being able to afford it in the long term (particularly in an overheated property market) is entirely another. Responses we build need to consider women’s long-term economic security.”

Did you hear a roar at lunch time today? That was the sound of a youth army assembling to support the work of Camden Women's Shelter! Today, the incredible Year 10 students at Camden High School completed our Walk The Talk program which brings learning about respectful relationships and consent to life - and challenges participants to action their commitment to change by supporting their local refuge. These teens couldn’t have loved the day more; he’s just a small sample of their rave reviews: “Today was 1000/10, I absolutely loved it.” “I learned I can reach out if I need to, that all the warning signs matter, that I am not alone - and that learning about this can be so engaging and inspirational!”, “THANK YOU for letting us talk about this properly and not just pushing it under the rug. I’m allowed to make my feelings known. I loved our presenter so much,” “I loved hearing amazing stories by real survivors, and our presenter was so energetic, enthusiastic and brought these stories to life to teach us how to be safe, to know our own boundaries, and to ask for help if we need it.” “I felt seen, heard and left so informed. Thank you for teaching me HOW to be assertive in relationships, and to FEEL loved.” “I am a survivor. I felt respected and understood. Beyond excellent - you made me feel less alone.” Watch this space to hear how these young people support the incredible team at Blue Wren.

We are so happy to see Shirley in her beautiful new home and to highlight the incredible work of ReLove. ReLove is a remarkable charity which helps our residents with their furniture needs once their housing has been secured. "I've been resilient because of other people's kindness, love and respect, which I would like to give back" Watch the story here: https://amp.9news.com.au/article/c5300580-d573-45ab-8b70-61f94cf575aa This is a testament to what we can achieve when we come together. Let's continue supporting one another ❤️

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