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Workplace diversity involves recognising the value of individual differences and managing them in the workplace. Diversity in this context covers gender, age, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation and religious belief.

Workplace flexibility involves developing people management strategies that accommodate differences in the background, perspectives and family responsibilities of employees.

WCS recognises that to achieve its vision, which is to be a leading, best practice provider of women’s & children’s homelessness services, we need to prioritise and champion workplace diversity and flexibility.

This Policy sets out WCS’ objectives for achieving workplace diversity and flexibility, how it will achieve those objectives and how it will measure those achievements.


The objectives of this Policy are to ensure WCS:

  • has a workforce profile that delivers competitive advantage through the ability to garner a deep understanding of resident needs;
  • has a truly inclusive workplace where every individual can shine regardless of gender, cultural identity, age, work style or approach;
  • leverages the value of diversity for all our stakeholders to deliver the best practice shelter support, improved outcomes focus and a stronger sector reputation;
  • continues to take a leadership position on diversity practices and setting the agenda in the external community.
  • Remains secular and a-political



To achieve these objectives, WCS:

  • will annually review our diversity across our service network;
  • will assess pay equity on an annual basis;
  • will encourage and support the application of flexibility policy into practice across the business;
  •  will support and actively seek Indigenous Australians to work in our service network;
  • will work towards greater accessibility of our services for staff and residents with disabilities.
  • will actively seek to attract a diverse workforce; that is reflective of the local community


Women's Community Shelters