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Donate to the Mornington Peninsula Shelter Appeal to support Women and Children on the Mornington Peninsula

Every night across Australia, 58,000 women face homelessness. Your donation today will save lives. Together, we can pave the way for additional shelters in Victoria, extending crucial support to thousands more women and children statewide.

Women’s homelessness and domestic violence are reaching crisis levels on the Mornington Peninsula. Women’s Community Shelters, in partnership with the Mornington Peninsula council, local community and local steering committee, is mobilising its unique social franchise model of shelter establishment to open a new crisis shelter for women and their children.

Together we can support more women and children

Over the past 12 years, WCS has opened 11 crisis shelters and over 65 transitional properties offering support to over 1300 women and children in crisis, and provided nearly 60,000 safe bed nights to the sector each year. This support encompasses vital funding, project management, intellectual property guidance, and governance expertise.

The first WCS Victorian Shelter will pave the way for nationwide expansion to support the thousands of women and children needing safety and support across Australia each night.

Women's Community Shelters