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Walk The Talk

Women’s Community Shelters (WCS) has begun work on a new education program called “Walk the Talk’, led by our Sanctuary Ambassador, Dannielle Miller.  

Dannielle has joined WCS one day per week working on the project, shelter representatives have been nominated and schools are being chosen.  We are so excited to get this project off the ground – watch this space for more details!

WCS Outreach Program

Launched in 2016, the WCS Outreach Program allows WCS to support women who are leaving our shelters and need continued support as they move to independent living.

The program also provides capacity for early intervention as shelter staff can support local women who haven’t been accommodated, but who need support to stay safe or maintain their accommodation.

One hundred percent of outreach funding received is allocated to the program, in the form of brokerage for clients and outreach staff salaries. WCS Outreach Workers provide case management, advocacy and support for women and children.  

Transitional Housing Projects

In 2017, WCS partnered with community housing organisation Bridge Housing and Sydney property developer PAYCE to house homeless women in properties earmarked for redevelopment.

The “Pathways Home” project offers intermediate accommodation and support services for vulnerable women and children currently in WCS shelters.  Under the pilot scheme, five existing homes have been made available to WCS in North West Sydney to house women and their children escaping family violence.

WCS is also working with Evolve Housing to provide medium term housing in the Blacktown and Penrith Local Government Areas.

The Safe Foundations program will provide subsidised housing for women and children exiting WCS shelters and also help them stabilise their lives with employment and training.

Without providing transitional housing support, many women are faced with the reality of homelessness and can become trapped in a cycle of disadvantage. The aim is to expand the project across Sydney if the pilot is successful.

Women's Community Shelters