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About Pathways Home

Pathways Home is an innovative meanwhile use project that provides transitional accommodation to women and their children escaping domestic violence. The project seeks to create an additional 100,000 bed nights over the next three years. To do this, Pathways Home links Domestic Violence Services with Property Owners to identify assets that are under-utilised, and re-purpose these properties for transitional housing. Access to secure and affordable housing is a critical component of a woman’s recovery post trauma and is essential to prevent homelessness.


What is the Goal?

Greater access to transitional housing for women escaping domestic violence…

Unlocking Under-utilised Assets Through Meanwhile Use

Pathways Home identifies properties that are under-utilised and repurposes them for transitional housing.

Typically, the project accesses residential properties ear-marked for development and uses them up until the time the property owner plans on developing the site.

The minimum time-frame is 18 months.

The project also seeks to leverage the large number of secondary dwellings that aren’t currently made available on the private market


Contribute Homes

The Pathways Home project requires collaboration from multiple stakeholders to generate outcomes for women escaping domestic violence. In order to help more women rebuild their lives in the wake of profound trauma, the Pathways Home collaboration requires property developers and owners to get involved. We are seeking the involvement of the property and development industries to identify under-utilised housing stock or other property suitable for re-purposing.

Take the Pathways Home Pledge

The Pathways Home pledge allows organisations to support Pathways Home in a multitude of ways. On top of identifying properties suitable for meanwhile use, partners are encouraged to support the program through financial and professional means. Women’s Community Shelters offers companies a comprehensive staff education and engagement program that aims to change the conversation around domestic violence in Australia. By taking the pledge, your company is becoming a leader in effecting change for those displaced by domestic violence.



For further information please contact
PAYCE Foundation (02) 8080 2300


Pathways Home Fact Sheet