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Chores for a Cause

Today, Women’s Community Shelters are launching a new, innovative fund-raising campaign. A pioneering program building young people’s awareness of gender inequality and domestic violence and women’s homelessness, Chores for a Cause empowers young people aged 8-18 to support the women and children in need in their community by completing chores in exchange for money they can then donate to the shelter of their choice.

Support your local shelter – and sweep aside traditional views about who does what chores at home.

WCS would be thrilled if kids could raise up to $25.  Why not more? This isn’t just about a few young people doing the heavy lifting and raising lots of money. This is an opportunity for everyone to feel they can pitch in and do their little bit too. Because solving domestic and family violence and homelessness needs everyone to care and contribute.

The program launches September 1 – just in time for spring cleaning!

WCS CEO, Annabelle Daniel OAM says; “Domestic and family violence is a chronic and ongoing social problem that spikes during times of widespread disaster and stress. Charities are often the very first responders to the vulnerable, the isolated and the homeless who are at particular risk right now during this pandemic. We have seen significant numbers of potential fundraising events planned for WCS and our shelter network cancelled for the foreseeable future. Innovative, positive campaigns like this one have the potential to not only help our sector raise much needed funds, but to provide a sense of hope.”  

This initiative offers a powerful opportunity to start some really important, age-appropriate conversations in our homes and schools around chore equity.

Our Education Officer, Dannielle Miller explains why this is not only brilliant for our shelters, but for the kids who roll up their sleeves and support the initiative too: “This initiative offers a powerful opportunity to start some really important, age-appropriate conversations in our homes and schools around chore equity (what sort of chores do families need to do, and how often does each family member usually spend on these?), gender stereotyping (there’s no such thing as girls’ work and boys’ work – we can all do all the things!) and respectful relationships (every member of a family should feel safe and respected). The research also clearly shows that meaningful fund-raising opportunities like this one are just what our young people need right now. During times of uncertainty, altruistic acts boost our morale, foster a sense of connection, and give us back a sense of control.”  

New Housing Collaboration Welcomes Two New Partners and Provides Secure Housing for 20 Homeless Women

A new housing model which involves the collaboration of property owners, domestic violence services and community housing providers is delighted to welcome two new partners to their unique housing collaboration. Twilight Aged Care and Link Housing will join founding partners, Women’s Community Shelters, PAYCE Foundation and Bridge Housing as part of their newly created Pathways Home model.

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In Conversation with Annabelle Daniel OAM, CEO

Women’s Community Shelters (WCS) is an Australian charity working directly with local communities to set up crisis accommodation shelters for women and children experiencing homelessness and domestic and family violence.

View the Annual Report

WCS’ ground-breaking funding model brings together business and corporate support, philanthropic investment, Commonwealth and NSW State Government funding and vital local community fundraising to support our head office (Hub) and shelters.

The Hub is not funded by government. In this webinar, WCS CEO Annabelle Daniel OAM talks through the 2020 Annual Report with WCS Education Officer, Dannielle Miller.

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End of Financial Year Giving

End of Financial Year Giving for Women and Children escaping Domestic and Family Violence

Every night across Australia over 56,000 women are homeless and over 220 women are turned away from crisis services when they need accommodation. More than two thirds of these women have dependent children with them.*

It doesn’t matter if she is 7 or 77, we walk beside her every single day and now more than ever before, we need your end of year gift.

Qualitative research has shown that children exposed to family, domestic and sexual violence can experience long-term effects on their development and have increased risk of mental health issues, and behavioural and learning difficulties.**

Currently, we support over 400 women and children shelters across our existing shelter network of seven shelters. With two new shelters in the pipeline for 2020-2021, we will increase that support by over 150 women and children who find themselves homeless per annum.

Walk Beside us NOW so that we can continue to deliver services to our network.

*Australian Institute of Health and Welfare **Campo 2015

Women’s Community Shelters CEO, Annabelle Daniel, receives Medal of the Order of Australia in Queen’s Birthday 2020 Honours List

Annabelle Juliet Daniel, OAM
Photo Credit: Edward Mulvihill

Women’s Community Shelters (WCS) is delighted to announce that Chief Executive Officer, Annabelle Daniel, has received the The Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) GENERAL DIVISION “For service to women through social welfare initiatives”.

On 7 June 2020, the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia announced the Queen’s Birthday 2020 Honours List, recognising 933 Australians.

“Each and every day, it is the many endeavours of the Australian people that make us the compassionate, ingenious, resilient and harmonious country we are so proud to be. There are some whose contribution goes beyond the ordinary, who make an exceptional and remarkable difference to the nation, to their communities and to the lives of others.” – Chancellor of the order of Australia

As CEO of Women’s Community Shelters, Ms Daniel has worked tirelessly with local communities, corporates, philanthropists and with all levels of government to address the growing scourge of domestic and family violence.

Chair of WCS, Kris Neill, said the award was greatly deserved recognition of Ms Daniel’s achievements. “Annabelle joined Women’s Community Shelters as its first CEO in 2013 and with her team, has opened seven shelters in NSW providing emergency accommodation for women and children. WCS has also opened accommodation for older single women – the fastest growing homelessness cohort.

“In addition, under Annabelle’s leadership, WCS has expanded its services to include transitional housing for families leaving its shelters and an education program, Walk the Talk, that reached over 2500 high school students in 2019,” Ms Neill said.

In 2019, the WCS network provided vital services to 370 women and children and 20,211 additional ‘bed nights’ to the sector.

WCS is currently working with two local communities to expand its shelter network and increase the number of bed nights available to women and children in need.

Photo Credit: Edward Mulvihill for Stellar Magazine