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Real women, real stories

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These are real examples of homeless women who have contacted our shelters this year.

*Kara is 21 and pregnant. She’s been very unwell and can’t work. She was living at home with family, but her stepfather has told her if she can’t pay board, she has to get out. He’s started calling her names and just verbally abused and threatened her. She is calling from the local service station, where she walked. She doesn’t have a car and she only has a small bag with her. She doesn’t have anywhere to go she feels safe tonight.

*Catherine. Her marriage broke up some time ago and she’s been having trouble getting enough work to pay the bills. She’s been living in a rented granny flat and is a couple of weeks behind on her rent. Her ex has been ringing her and harassing her because he wants her to drop her claims in their property settlement. She’s just seen his car slowly drive past her house and she doesn’t feel safe. She’s rung the Police and they’ve told her she needs to get out, but she has nowhere else to go and is frightened to go to sleep.

*Sarah is staying on her friends couch in a very small apartment. She is ashamed to confide in her friend that her husband has been beating her. She has no family in the area as her child has grown up and moved away. Her husband has limited her friendships and has always controlled their finances, giving her a small allowance each month for groceries. She has never worked as she was a stay-at-home mum and has no money of her own. She is frightened and doesn’t know what to do.

*names have been changed to protect identity.

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