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Time for solutions, not more talk

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Thank you Sarrah Le Marquand RendezView for your wonderful words about The Sanctuary – The Hills Women’s Shelter. You’ve got it – the Women’s Community Shelters model is about real action, community engagement, and bringing business, philanthropy, government and community together to solve a ‘whole of society’ problem. We can no longer look away, and we can no longer afford for this work to be done out-of-sight, in hiding and in secret, where these issues can then be ignored by the wider community.

Wonderful people in the Hills saw the need for more services for women and kids who are homeless or leaving domestic violence. They are not shirking the challenge of addressing it – they relish it. They are contributing in kind, through fundraising, through volunteering and through reaching out and educating others around them. In working at the grass roots level, we are changing attitudes, doing work towards early intervention and prevention and providing learning in context. This is how we will change attitudes to domestic violence – community by community.


Women's Community Shelters